5 Types of Beanie

October 23, 2020

5 Types of Beanie

Hi guys, Caroline the Brand Director here! The one thing I love so much about fall other than the amazing weather is bundling up in cozy clothes and accessories like our beanies. Not only do our beanies come in all colors and patterns, but they are so comfy and can be worn by men and women. In the post I am going to share how to wear a beanie and my favorite beanie styles.

How to wear a beanie

The beauty of the beanies is they cover your whole head so if you are having a bad hair day or just need the warmth our beanies can provide that for you. Many will wear their hair back in a pony/bun and put the beanie on top or you can leave your hair down and put the beanie on top of your hair. Either way is super cute! We also have a particular type of beanie called the Bun Beanie that allows you to put your hair in a high ponytail/bun. So let's talk about the types of beanies we have and what is the best for you!

Style 1

The first style is personally my new favorite and that is the Snap Beanies. These beanies come in a multitude of colors and have a detachable pom pom on the top so it’s almost like you are getting two beanies in one! They look so cute on kids too! My favorite of the Snap Beanies is the Snow Leopard Snap Beanie.

mom and baby in beanies
Photo Credit: @raisingwilliams_

 We also have non-detachable pom pom beanie and some colors are on sale!!

girl wearing black pom pom beanie

Style 2

Our Twisted Turban Beanie is amongst our newest releases. They are a new take on our knitted headbands. If you like the knitted but need a full coverage then these are the beanies for you! They have a twisted/knot in the front and not only provide warmth but are completely different than your average beanie. My favorite color is the Twisted Turban Beanie in Pink.

Girl wearing Twisted Turban

Style 3

Our most popular and sought after style of beanie are the Confetti Beanies. These are a party in a hat. They are more on the slouchy side and really spice up an outfit. The Oatmeal color is my personal favorite and the most popular color!

girl wearing mint confetti beanie
Photo credit: @tatycake

Style 4

Our new Slouchy Beanies are the perfect hair accessory for the person that loves more neutrals. They are super slouchy and match with any clothing item. I love the Grey Slouchy color!

girl wearing black slouchy beanie

Style 5

Last but not least are our Bun Beanies. They have an opening on the top of the beanie for you to rock your messy bun or ponytail. Check out how gorgeous this Cream color is!

girl wearing cream bun beanie

Don’t forget that beanies also make great gifts as well!

Happy beanie wearing!



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