Become a Hope Storyteller

November 30, 2015

Become a Hope Storyteller

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, a time for people to express their gratitude and reflect on what’s truly important in their lives. It’s also a time for giving back, whether through participating in a local food drive, donating gifts, or volunteering your own hours to help those in need.

This season, Headbands of Hope is excited to offer a way for more people to give back with the expansion of its own representative program. Beyond the college realm, three new ambassador opportunities allow individuals to represent our organization as hope storytellers. The best way to spread the word about what we do is through people, so why not allow as many as we can take part?

We’ve decided to start here: community representatives that can share our cause in their own areas, health care representatives that directly interact with the children we seek to help, and photographer representatives that can illustrate the impact these accessories have.

Community representatives share their passion for giving back within their own town or city. They can organize trunk shows with friends, sell headbands at local events, promote our organization through online sales or in the press, as well as set up a nearby hospital donation.

Within the health care community, nurses or other professionals can serve as the liaison for the weekly donations Headbands of Hope makes across the United States. Beyond ensuring deliveries, these ambassadors can help us share those moments and find other ways to include our headbands in patient or staff events.

Spreading the word also involves pictures, a way for us to promote these products and create genuine connections with as many people as possible. Photography representatives have the opportunity to practice their passion with giving back – plus, they receive headbands too!

All of our representatives have the chance to earn points in exchange for our products, accessories, and apparel. Giving is always in style :)

While the campus representative program continues to grow, we believe this is an opportunity for more people to get involved with Headbands of Hope. It allows individuals to give back in a way that connects them to the cause on a more personal level. Whether it be through selling headbands at a trunk show, organizing an order through a local boutique, or actually delivering the accessories to a hospital, these programs allow people to take initiative in their role and decide how they will make a difference.

Apply to be an ambassador this holiday season. Applications for Spring 2016 are open until December 15th! Help us in the fight against childhood cancer, one story at a time.

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