How to Wear a Knotted Headband

September 29, 2021

wearing tan knotted headband

You may have seen influencers wearing those chic knotted headbands, but you may not be sure how to wear them. Hair up or down? Is it okay to add jewelry or is that too much? Do I keep my hair straight without looking like I did in my elementary school photo? Padded and knotted headbands are trending right now, but if you’re not sure how to wear them, check out our style guide.

1. Pin Straight If you’re looking to go long and sleek, you’ll love the pin-straight-hair look paired with a knotted headband. You’ll look oh-so-chic with a slicked-back elegant hairdo while donning a padded headband. If you love the long and sleek vibe but want a little edge, go for the beloved early 2000s crimps look. Simply use a three-barrel curling iron to bend your strands, finish off with some hairspray and then polish off the look with your favorite knotted headband.

red polka dotted headband top knot

2. With a Top Bun While the idea of a top bun may conjure up images of a strict librarian, you’ll love how classy you look with a top bun. Wearing a padded headband only adds to the approachable sophistication. Try out different types of buns if you don’t want to stick to the regular ol’ big bun on top of your head. Try an artsy asymmetrical knot. Have a messy bun on top.

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3. Add a Little Curl Whether you’re looking to feel like a princess that you loved from your favorite Disney movie or just looking for some everyday celebrity style, you’ll love the curl and knotted headband combination. Try putting on a padded headband while wearing your hair down and wavy. Add a bit of mascara, red lipstick and vintage earrings, and soon you’ll be looking like you’ve stepped out of an old Hollywood glamour film. 

4. Make It Fashion Besides matching your headband to your hairstyle, you can also play around with your outfit. A top knot with a pink knotted headband looks elegantly feminine with a pearl necklace and pleated skirt. Keep the top bun higher than the headband knot. If you want to keep your hair down, try a slight part with a padded headband and finish off your look with a cashmere sweater and midi skirt. 

During the cool weather months, you’ll want deep fall and winter colors like dark red, purple or black. During the spring and summer seasons, you’ll love pastel hues in pink, orange and green. Ultimately, a knotted headband kicks up your outfit a notch whether you’re going to the office or headed to your next hot date.

wearing knotted headband with chickens pattern

5. Under or Over Your Hair If you’re still debating how to wear a headband, just know that there’s more than one way to wear a headband. Switch up the way you wear the headband by wearing it under or over your hair. If you have curly hair, you’ll want to avoid parting it in a way that doesn’t feel natural or overcoming. If you have bangs, wearing a headband will create definition and accentuate your bangs, not overwhelm them.

6. Side to Side Looking for another way to switch up the way you wear your headband? Try to wear it at an angle on the side. Do a deep side part, and then wiggle your knotted headband over your hair. Experiment with a deep side part on your left or right side to see which suits your profile best. You’ll have so much fun playing around with your new fabulous headband that you’ll want to get knotted headbands for all your friends and family, including the littlest ones!

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When it comes to the knotted headband trend, the bolder the better. You’ll be glad to know that besides the padded headband, headbands, in general, aren’t going anywhere this season. While it may be intimidating to style a knotted headband at first, just use any of these 6 ideas to get started. They’re all a refreshing twist to your middle school days of wearing your headband. Have fun with it and let your creativity flow!

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