Our Favorite Headband With Button Styles

February 14, 2021

Our Favorite Headband With Button Styles

These days, finding ways to make our masks more comfortable and stylish has become part of the daily routine, especially for those who must wear a mask for hours on end. At Headbands of Hope, we’ve made it our mission to bring you the headbands for masks that are as cute as they are comfortable, making your mask wearing days a bit more enjoyable. 

Our super soft cotton headbands with buttons will help securely hold your mask in place for whatever your day might throw at you, without the ear irritation from those pesky mask bands. All you’ll need to do is choose the face mask headband styles you love, and while you’re at it, fresh new mask packs to match!

Without further adieu, here are our favorite headbands with button styles for you to try out.

Our Top Picks of Headbands with Button for Masks

Solid Colors

girl with coral button headband

Some days, “plain Jane” is the best look to rock, which is why we love the simple yet stylish look of solid colored headbands with buttons for masks. From classic Black, Navy and Gray Button Headbands to a pop of color like Coral or Mint Headband, there’s no shortage of classic headband styles to relieve your tired ears from working overtime. Dress up your look with hair up, down or braided for even more ways to style your classic headbands!

Animal Prints

girl wearing leopard button headband

Take your look to the wild side with an animal print button headband! Available in Classic Leopard print or Grey Leopard print, you’ll have no problem spicing up your scrubs, PPE gown or work uniform!



Traditional Black Paisley and Red Paisley button headbands are a welcome addition to any weekend warrior outfit. Take these bad boys for a spin anytime you want to channel your inner Rosie the Riveter and get the job done in comfort and style!

Tie Dye

girl wearing tye die button headband

Who said headbands have to be boring? Our tie dye button headbands are here to dismiss that rumor, giving you fun, flirty and downright adorable headband options to keep your mask in place and your hair looking good. Whether you’re into the vibrant look of the Pink and Red Tie Dye Button Headband or a mellow Coral and Blue Button Headband, you’ll find the right combination at Headbands of Hope!

While we may not wear masks forever, we certainly can count on wearing them for the foreseeable future. That’s why we’ve made sure these hand stitched face mask headbands can also be worn inside-out as a normal headband, without exposing headband buttons. As an added bonus, our headbands are easy to care for. Simply wash on a cold, delicate cycle and lay flat to dry!

Look as good as you feel in your new face mask headbands knowing that your purchase instantly puts an adorable headband in the hands of a child with an illness. Shop Headbands of Hope today for hair accessories with a cause, from our COVID-19 Collection to Mommy & Me matching sets and everything in between.

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