Popular Sport Headband Styles

March 01, 2021

Popular Sport Headband Styles

Popular Sport Headband Styles

Few things are worse than when athletic headbands slide off in the middle of a workout, or your sports headband fails to do its job during a game. With Headband of Hope’s moisture-wicking sports headbands, you can say goodbye to poorly fitting and obnoxious athletic headbands and hello to the men’s and women's athletic headbands designed to stay put during any activity. 

Today, we’ll discuss our most popular men’s and women's sports headbands that will stay put and look great no matter how much you’re sweating! We’ll also give you tips on how to wear a sport headband for a great workout free from hair drama.

Rise and Grind Athletic Headband

Popular Athletic Headbands You’ll Love

Thick Athletic Headbands

Whether you’ve got bangs that need taming or a whole lot of hair you wish to keep out of your face, Headbands of Hope’s ultra-soft, ultra-thick girls sports headbands are the cute and comfortable solution you’ve been waiting for! 

Made from a four-way stretch, non-slip polyester and spandex blend, our thick girls sports headbands are perfect for running, biking, yoga, washing your face, or completing your cozy work from home outfit.

Grit & Glory Athletic Headband

These thick, moisture-wicking sport headbands come in a variety of classic and unique colors and designs, making them the perfect girls sports headbands as well as mens athletic headbands! The Grit & Glory Athletic Headband is a favorite among men and women alike, as is the Stormy Triumph Athletic Headband.

Meanwhile, girly girls will love the vibrant look of the Positive Vibes Women's Sports Headband, while coaches and motivators will find the positive messaging on our Be The Good Athletic Headband the perfect way to inspire others during a group workout.

Positive Vibes Athletic Headband


Adjustable Athletic Headbands

Whether you need a simple solution for keeping flyaways at bay or have always dreamed of an adjustable headband to get that perfect fit you’ve had a hard time finding with other headbands, we have the perfect sports headband for you! 

Our line of adjustable sports headbands are the super-soft, ultra-comfortable, moisture-wicking, non-slip adjustable headband solutions you’ve always wanted, wrapped up into the cutest designs you can get your hands on. The Bold & Fearless women's sports headband is the perfect pick-me-up to any gym outfit, while the Adjustable Love Yourself women's athletic headbands are sure to look sleek with that all-black ensemble. Take team spirit to the next level with matching Be the Good athletic headbands everyone on the squad can wear to show their support of helping others in need, just like you’ll be doing with the purchase of any women's or men's athletic headband!

How to Wear a Sport Headband

Luckily, learning how to wear a sport headband is a no-brainer, but how to wear a sport headband is totally up to you and based on your preferences. Regardless, we’ll give you some pointers, just in case you’re looking for something new to try. 

When wearing one of our thick sport headbands, you’ll want to pull it over your face, down to your neck, pulling out any hair that might be caught underneath so it sits on top of the headband. Style your hair however you wish, then, take your thick sport headband and slide it up to cover most of your ears either beginning of your hairline or just before it. The great thing about the thick sports headbands is that you can adjust the thickness however you want!

Our adjustable strap headbands should be put on the same way, but rather than lay over your ears should sit right behind your ears. 

Just as with our tube turbans, Hope Subscription Box, and the entire line of hair or face mask products, with the purchase of any women's or men's athletic headbands, Headbands of Hope will donate a headband to a child with an illness. Now that’s style you can feel good about! Shop today!

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