Top 5 Trending Headband Styles

October 28, 2020

Top 5 Trending Headband Styles

Just as in clothing, hair accessories always change based on the season and the year. Part of our team is dedicated to finding the latest headwear trends and headband styles to make sure we are always in the know! This year I can honestly say we have some of the best headband styles I have ever seen! So let's get started with our top 5 and how to style each.

1.) Tube Turbans

These headbands have always been a best seller for us but particularly this year they have been our number 1. Not only are they moisture wicking and machine washable , but can be worn multiple different ways. To see other ways to wear a Tube turban headband, check out our blog post.  One of the ways they can be worn is as a facial covering!

My personal favorite is the Heather Tube Turban. It can be worn all year and is a good neutral piece that will go with any outfit. However we have so many patterns and colors there is something for everyone! Be sure to view our whole Tube Turban collection as well. 

girl wearing heather tube turban
girl wearing heather tube turban as mask

2.) Beanies + Knitted

Our new Beanies and Knitted collection can't be beat! We just released these two weeks ago and they have been flying off the site. Not only are these the perfect gift for anyone but they keep your head extremely warm which is perfect for this time of year. Wear with your hair up in a bun like our bun beanies or wear with your hair down. Our knitted and beanies come in multiple colors and prints like Metallic but we also have snap beanies which allow you to pop the pom pom on the beanie off and on to create different looks. It's almost as if you are getting two beanies in one. Find the rest of our selection within our winterwear collection. 

3.) Knotted

Our Knotted Collection has been a top seller since our company was founded. These soft headbands can tie and untie to fit a variety of head sizes including babies. They are incredibly soft and are machine washable. Wear with you hair up exercising or with your hair down these knotted headbands are super versatile and will fit any hair need. Our latest favorite is the Plaid Knotted however we have prints for every style! Check out our knotted headbands collection for more fun looks. Also, check out our blog post to see our top 5 knotted styles

girl wearing plaid knotted

mom and girls wearing plaid knotted

4.) Glitzy Headbands

Our Glitz and Glam headbands are the perfect for a special occasion to dress up an outfit or for the girls who like a little extra to their outfit. I actually wore this particular style at my wedding. Most of them are adjustable which means they can fit kids to adults. They also look super pretty intertwined in a braid or pony.

girl wearing glitzy headband

girl wearing bridal headband

4.) Scrunchies

Last but certainly not least is our scrunchies. We all know that fashion always comes around but these amazing scrunchies are bringing back the 80s and the 90s in full force and we love it! Not only are they great to pull the hair in a cute bun or ponytail but they also make great wrist adornments. Our favorite right now is the Sherpa Scrunchie Set because they are so comfy.

girl wearing sherpa scrunchies


Any questions, let us know in the comments! 

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